Sunday, December 4, 2011

Please Forgive me

Wow I havent posted on here since thanksgiving. :( Am so sorry. I have been off my a game since around that time. I have things ready to cut on my gypsy just need to get them cut out. Tomorrow is a new day and I really do hope to have some new things to post this coming week. 
I just wish my mojo would come back so I can create.

I must add that today weather isnt helping. I mean I live in Ohio and its almost 60 degrees in December. Really how wonderful is that. I dont like the cold weather. I quess having many years of really cold weather will do that. I also know that we are going to have a wicked winter because of the weather patterns now. Trust me come Jan I will be mad and miserable because of the cold, but today I will take the weather and just run with it. I dont want to think about cold and snow but because of the weather it doesnt seem like christmas time. I am having a hard time with getting ready for christmas. If it wasnt for my kids I would just skip it. Just Kidding.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know that am ready for monday to be here since my girls have done nothing but fight this weekend. Until next time. :)

Stay Crafty

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