Sunday, September 23, 2012

Food Journey- Sept 23 2012 menu-Change of plan

Many people have asked me what I have planned for my meals since I have them planned out so far ahead. Well I think am going to share them each week.
I will say that right now I only really plan my dinners. Breakfast is normally poptarts or cereal. With school now back in full swing they eat lunch at school so that leaves just me at home at lunch time by myself which means I eat leftovers or a sandwich. Just enough to hold me over till dinner time
So with that being said here is this weeks dinner menu.
Sunday Sept 23 Ravioli
Monday Sept 24 Marzetti
Tuesday Sept 25 Roast (change of plan--TACOs)
Wednesday Sept 26 Bloom Burgers(change of plan Roast)
Thursday Sept 27 Soup and Sammies
Friday Sept 28 Eat out
Saturday Sept 29 Fried chicken and mashed potatos.
 *sometimes plans change and we move things around and my menu gets changed around.*
Well there it is. I hope this helps someone out there.
Until next time
Eat great

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  1. Hey Amanda! I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who plans meals for a week at a time. It really saves time not going to the grocery store so much which is a good thing as I always find "something" I don't need to put in my shopping cart. LOL! We had BLT's, Bourbon Chili, Baked Chicken, Taco Crescents, and soup scheduled this week with our out night on Saturday. Have a good week!