Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 3rd Reflections

It is 2016. What do you hope this year brings? I refuse to make resolutions for I know I will break them. This year what comes comes. The last half of the year I have battled with more headaches then I wish I had and I fell and broke my shoulder in November. So this year I hope it will be better. 
Christmas was a great time. My girls each got the only thing they asked for from Santa. My oldest wanted the Lego Friends Grand Hotel, My youngest wanted a laptop. I recived a few things I have been wanting. I am going to learn how to knit, crochet as well as cake and cookie decorate as I got the Wilton 29 tips set. Today I am going to make a cake with homemade buttercream frosting. Something I never done before(make homemade buttercream frosting). 

As I look back on 2015 even with all the headaches and a broken shoulder it was a pretty good year I guess. Let me explain. Just like a lot of people there are many ups and downs. and well it seemed like there was more down then ups but the ups was great. My girls are both great students and love school. They are both beautiful dancers. My youngest is in 3 different dance classes this current dance season and I cant wait to see her dance them in May on stage. She is in ballett, tap, and lyrical. My oldest daugter go to dance in the Celtic Nutcracker the first weekend of December. It was so amazing. The kids that danced in that show are awsome. I love that my daughters have dance in their lives. 

I dont want to dwell on the bad so I wont.. 
Things will turn around. They always say he doesnt give you anything you cant handle and well I think that saying is ture. Life can be hard and stressfull. I know I get very stressed out and it something I need to work on. 

So here is to 2016. May life bring you Joy and Happiness. Peace and Love, and everything you wish for. 

Until Next Time
Stay Crafty

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