Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reflections 1-17-16

It has been a long week. My girls have a 4 days weekend that started on Friday and they have one more day to go and I cant wait for them to go back. Not that I wont miss them because I will but because this mom needs some down time.. The noise and over the top movements that you get with acting/dancing around the house, the fighting between kids is all getting to me the last couple of days. Today has been the worst. Add that with going to the store and boy its not good.I will admit that I locked myself in my room with the lights and tv off for a good hour. Does that make me a bad mom? I dont think so since their dad was also home. However I am glad my kids dont have school tomorrow but my youngest is going to a cheer camp so that will help a lot. However I am not looking forward to the cold temps tomorrow. So hopefully tomorrow will be better

So tonight I am going to enjoy a nice cup or two of hot tea. I have found a new favorite to add to my list of teas that I like. My all time favorite beside just your reg. standard tea bag is Sugar Plum Spice that comes out at Christmas time. However when I was waiting for my oldest performace last month I had the chance to stop over at a cafe and try some amazing tea. I found a close match about a week later at a store. Its the Private Selection cinnamon hibiscus tea.  

I hope you had a wonderful week. 

Until Next Time
Stay Crafty

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